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Monday, February 25, 2013

C. Ptak - Prepare Your Self (USA 2002)

Mutant Sounds Album Of The Week.

1. You're Your Yore (2:54)
2. Rome In Your Bed (3:13)
3. Grow Your Snot (3:02)
4. Your Sorry Now (4:45)
5. Yourgan Again (3:28)
6. Your Fate Denies (4:04)
7. Clouds In Your Eyes (4:39)
8. Prepare Your Self (6:27)
9. Dig Your Style (2:17)
10. Verbose Goes Your Weak (4:30)
11. Your Tough Enough (3:54)
12. Your Snore (3:11)
13. Your A Few (3:15)

Ok, after the weekend of Classic rock down in Queenstown, it's time to get weird again with another obscure recording from the Mutant Sounds Blog and this self recorded/released CDR from Carly Ptak is certainly weird alright. A set of electronic soundscapes and violin noodlings and other samples makes for a industrial tinged collage of silliness that really doesn't do anything for me at all. Very little here in the form of melody or generally accepted coherent song structure but it is interspersed with some interesting sound effects, but overall gets somewhat boring and fails to engage me much at all. Rating 2/5.

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