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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Zipper - Zipper (USA 1975)

Rare MP3 Album Of The Week.

01. Bullets (3:24)
02. Born Yesterday (4:07)
03. The Same Old Song (3:19)
04. Face Of Stone (5:19)
05. Ballbustin' Woman (Re-release only) (3:02)
06. Scars (3:20)
07. Rollin' And Tumblin' (2:44)
08. Worry Kills A Woman (3:45)
09. Let It Freeze (3:38)
10. Behind The Door (3:36)
11. Racing For A Dollar (Unreleased) (2:38)

This one from Rare MP3 is a poorly recorded set of psych/funk/blues with some quite catchy songs and good guitar breaks and could have been a real stomper of a psych record with some more production work and better recording quality, but essentially this sounds like a set of under developed Demos and gets tiresome after the first few listens.Rating 2.5/5  


ted gstalder said...

Is this from the same that used to be available? I recall you commented a couple of times on that website which is how I found your site. Miss those raremp3 posts, they were quite interesting.

Roddus said...

Yes I recently downloaded this from Rare MP3, some of her links are still operational. I lost most of what i had downloaded from there from my hard drive so am trying to down load as much of what is still available while it is still there. It looks like Chaunto has hung to the towel on her blog for now and moved on to other things. As she has never replied to any of my last emails, we are in the dark as to weather Rare MP3 will be reactivated of just sit there as another dead blog on the net.

ted gstalder said...

It's too bad she has gone quiet. I thought maybe she had just gone private w/ a password required as others have done. I like reading a few blogs and know it takes some significant effort on your part to put these together. Get torn between frivilous, non-helpful comments and no comment at all. Do appreciate your efforts.

Roddus said...

Most comments are welcome, except abusive ones, although i haven't ever had any of those.