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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Loop Orchestra-The Analogue Years (Australia 1999)

Mutant Sounds Album of the week

I have been mining the rare underground sounds from the Mutant Sounds Blog.They have almost 3000 posts of obscure out of print music awaiting discovery of discerning music hounds who like their music a little on the weird side. I will be checking out in more detail some of the stuff I have downloaded from them and letting my readers know what I think.
This release comes from just across the ditch from here and as can be seen on the above image the music here is constructed from tape loops and mostly constructed(as opposed to composed) and recorded live. What we end up with  are several extended drones with subtle effects woven into the constructs as things shift glacially within each piece. This doesn't sound all to inviting on a casual listen and I thought I was gonna dispense with it earlier on the week, but on closer inspection and with headphones I have come to appreciate the soundscapes presented here. This is not easy listening or relaxing ambient music, it is a bit more weirder than that. Rating 3.5/5

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