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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rumpelstiltskin - Black Magician (UK 1971)

Rare MP3 album of the week

1. Lord Of The Heaven and The Earth (3:53)
2. Can't You Feel It (3:04)
3. Evil Woman (3:29)
4. I Am The Last Man (6:08)
5. Loneliness Is What My Life's All About (4:00)
6. Through My Looking Glass (3:32)
7. Black Magician's Daughter (2:51)
8. I'm So Afraid I'll Leave Unsaid (2:25)
9. I Am Alone (3:16)
10. I've Had Enough Of The Army (6:41)
11.Wimoweh (2:35)

Rare MP3 blog has been a favourite place of mine on par with Mutant Sounds for a large selection of quality out of print rare and obscure albums. The music there is a little more conventional than Mutant Sounds with a  focus on blues based rock and prog from the late 60s and early 70s, which is a sort of music I like a lot. I have found many great albums there over the last few years and although the blog has been inactive for over a year now, there are still plenty of links still up to these rare gems.
Rumpelstiltskin were a quite impressive pop/rock band with prog leanings and a touch of Blood Sweat and Tears. This set is most enjoyable early 70s rock with some nice guitar work, a strong vocalist and a good variety of well crafted songs which I have been enjoying all week. One of those quality sets that has a mix of rockier full tempo tracks mixed with mellower moments put together in a successful mix. Not a top tier release, which is why it probably sunk without much impact when it was released, but still deserving of a bigger audience. Rating 4/5 

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