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Friday, February 15, 2013

Masters Of Reality - Masters Of Reality (USA 1989)

This weeks new CD.

Oh yeah, look what has turned up from Amazon last weekend. Definitely one of my top 20 albums of all time. Just been reissued on CD after being difficult to buy for quite some time. I have reviewed this album before and this is just another rant about how much I really really dig this great rock album. Part Led Zep, part Black Sabbath, quite possibly the forerunner of stoner rock, if you dig Queens of the Stoneage then I think you will enjoy this. I have gotten use now to the different track order on the CD than what was on my original vinyl copy and am most thankful for the fantastic extra track "Doraldina's Prophecies".Not a weak song here and unfortunately this stunning debut has just destroyed any notion of checking out their other albums as I just couldn't imagine them topping this.
This release also came with a live CD recorded in 1997 with live versions of several songs off the debut and several others that suggest some of The Masters... other albums could be rewarding to check out also, maybe. Overall though, the live set is a bit underwhelming. Ratings, Debut 5+/5, Live disc 3.5/5.

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