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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (UK 1970)

Oh Yeah!

If anyone actually reads this blog they may be familiar with the admission some time back that I had finally decided that Black Sabbath are my all time favourite band ever. So much of the music I have loved over the last 30+ years may not have been made if this band had never happened. I don't need to describe the music on their debut album, it is classic and any serious music fan probably knows it, and knows that it was the heaviest music produced at the time and had a huge hand in the creation of what we now call Heavy Metal.
Sabbath's music just wipes the floor with any and all contemporary metal bands, they are the masters as far as I am concerned and their latest album "13", with most of the original lineup, proved that to me again.
The music herin is just sublime, gives me goosebumps and levels of excitement and joy seldom experienced with most music. It is so powerful, Tony's monster Riffs have never been bettered and were surely liberated from heaven. Geezer had the dirtiest bass on the planet and Bill Ward is a fantastic drummer, perhaps my favourite. Ozzy just fits perfectly with this music and this was only their first album, better was to come.
I just have to rate this 5/5 and remember, Play loud, Play Fucken loud!

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