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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Noah Creshevsky - The Four Seasons - Hyperrealist Music (Tzadik 2013)

Some More From Tzadik.

This latest arrival from Tzadik is one of the Composer series and is the most impressive one I have received so far. A suit of pieces played by a group of conventional instruments but constructed in an unconventional way and  then some electronic effects integrated and finally it sounds like some tape manipulation to make it really fucked up sounding. It works remarkably well and I am enjoying the quite unique effects. I am not all that aware of the contemporary classical scene in the early 21st century but if this is in any way representative of the music then it is quite some way from what most of us would be familiar with although it still has a classical feel to the music. Anyhow, I am very impressed with  Noah Creshevsky's efforts here and rate this release 4.5/5.


Anonymous said...

I have a lot of pleasure from your review. You may not be "that aware of the classical scene in the early 21st century," but you certainly have a strong feeling for the topic, and an open mind. Thank you for listening to my music and for writing about it. I have been reviewed many times, but I think I will always remember your special take on my work. Noah Creshevsky

Roddus said...

Cool, Thanks for leaving a comment, and I look forward to exploring your other releases on Tzadik as I work my way back through the catalogue.