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Thursday, August 15, 2013

David Fulmer - On Night (Tzadik 2013)

A recent arrival from Tzadik Records.

The other arrival from Tzadik this week is another in the Composer series. Apparently David Fulmer is quite respected in the field of modern compositional music( Not sure if you can class it as classical but it is certainly related). Composed for small ensemble, this is kinda avant-garde music, lots of solo pieces for various instruments, plenty of space and little in the way of melody or rhythm. Reminds me of some of Zappa's orchestral music in places and is certainly on a similar plane as John Zorn's "Classical" music. So in trying to describe this, the other question is "is it any Good", well, yes, I really like it and have been able to stay interested throughout the CD, Fulmer sounds like he is deserving of the various awards he has received and has composed a quality listen as far as I am concerned. This type of music is an acquired taste, but I recommend it and look forward to growing my collection of Modern Compositional music from the Tzadik label. Rating 4/5.

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