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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gorilla Toss - Gorilla Toss (Tzadik 2013)

Some More from Tzadik.

After 10 Tzadik CDs, none of which I had heard any of the music before I purchased them, I haven't yet had one  that I didn't like or couldn't connect with in some way, until now. This is very harsh and grating music, it is very stop start with lots of tempo changes, quite punky with a female singer with a high pitched almost squeal who sings kinda staccato and is impossible to understand. It does remind me of some of the UK post punk from the early 80s but with far less melody. It takes dedication to stay with this and to be able to notice the textures and layers built into this complex music. I have noticed that in small amounts, like the occasional track played within a playlist, that I am able to give it enough attention to appreciate the textures but across the whole set is too much. Do I like it? Not all that much at present, but there is enough here to keep me interested in giving the music time to see if I come round to enjoying it. Present rating 2/5. 

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