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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Miho Hazama - Journey to Journey (USA 2013)

A Recent CD Arrival.

Stumbled across this somewhere on planet internet and heard a sample of one of the tracks off this album and was so impressed I brought a copy. This young Japanese lady is a recent graduate from Jazz school and leads this Big Band through a set of mostly her own compositions. For someone so young, this is an impressive first release. This form of jazz, as most modern jazz, covers a lot of ground as well as up tempo numbers and slower ones with plenty of swing and even a  touch of classical violin on "Blue Forest". The opening track, "Mr O" is the tour-de force that turned me on to this and I think it is the best thing on the set, a great swing up tempo work out with some nice solos. This music is pretty user friendly, not much here to offend the ears but a pleasant album of well constructed jazz. I am impressed, Rating 4/5.

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