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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Les Rhinocéros - Les Rhinocéros II (Tzadik 2013)

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I am quickly building a collection of good quality and very interesting CD's from Tzadik and this release is no exception. This one comes under the Spotlight series, which is a relatively new series featuring young new talent. There are not many releases in this series at present and this is the first I have acquired. Les Rhinocéros is a cool name and this is a very cool and highly talented young band who have produced, in their second album, a set of  rock based compositions that encompass many different styles, from punk to funk to world music and jazz. A mostly instrumental set with plenty of cool stuff to discover after repeated listenings. Still familiarising myself with this record as there is quite a lot to take in but it is very well done and a most enjoyable  ride. Another quality release from Tzadik who haven't disappointed yet. Rating 4/5.

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