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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Stadium Arcaduim (USA 2006)

Off The Shelf

Well, this one has been sitting in the draft folder for quite a while now. The influx of new CDs has skyrocketed this year(my reward for all my hard work) and I have fallen way behind in reviewing most of them.
This one though I have had for several years and it hasn't had a lot of attention. It is a good album of quality pop/rock, about what you'd expect from the Chillies, that nice user friendly non offensive radio music that plays nicely in the background while working or entertaining visitors, but several cuts above most of the dross that pollutes the airwaves on contemporary commercial radio nowadays. As a double CD, clocking in at around two hours, it presents us with a lot of music and the songs kinda blur together across the whole set and I find I loose focus on the sounds as there isn't a lot to really keep my attention for that long. In saying that though, it is a good album and I feel that with more attention and repetition plenty of interesting bits would reveal themselves and the music is of the catchy hummable type that etches into the subconscious quite quickly. I rate the set 3.5/5. 

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