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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sun Ra - When Angels Speak Of Love (USA 1966)

The Sun Ra Discography.

First up, because I'm lazy and mostly semi-literate, I'll direct you to a couple of better sources for more informed opinions of this next Sun Ra recording. Nuvoid and Adventure Equation
I think this is the high point of the group of the choreograph workshop recordings from the early  60s in New York. Space music certainly would be an apt description for this strange atmospheric Jazz inflected music. It's is mostly slow in tempo with plenty of that famous reverb and echo from these Workshop recordings. I am very impressed  with the opening track and have enjoyed the whole album overall, especially as there is some great Ra piano in the mix here and there. It is great that these ultra rare recordings are actually still available from the Evidence reissue campaign back between 1992 and 2000, I have relied on them heavily in building by collection.Rating 5/5.


Anonymous said...

Links please!! for download of course!

Roddus said...

sorry I don't post music downloads on my blog.