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Friday, June 25, 2010

Abstract Truth - Totum/Silver Tree (South Africa 1970)

Roddus Album Of The Day  Part Three

1. Jersey Thursday - 3:51
2. Coming Home Baby - 6:36
3. Oxford Town - 4:12
4. Fat Angel (Working Song) - 10:05
5. Summertime - 5:18
6. Scarborough Fair - 3:47
7. Parchman Farm (Moaning) - 3:01
8. Ain't Necessarily So (Take Five) - 10:05
9. Total Totum (Acid Raga) - 5:19 
Album of the day, of the albums of the day, this one, these two. This comes from the CD re-release of these two 1970 albums from this excellent but short lived South African  folk/jazz/prog band. Totum, I believe, was the first release and comprises of mostly covers, but covers done like you have never heard them before.  With flute and sax as well as guitar and hand percussion, this album is mostly a mellow laid back affair but psychs out  on "Fat Angel"  and has a real stoned late night feel about the rest of it. A lost classic and worthy of 4.5/5.

 Listen to this quality lost gem here
1. Pollution - 3:13
2. Silver Trees - 8:14
3. In A Space - 3:54
4. Moving Away - 2:58
5. Two - 2:36
6. Blue Wednesday Speaks - 4:12
7. It's Alright With Me - 2:42 
This next album is quite a different affair, more conventional Prog type rock songs this time but still with flute and some organ as well. Also still has that laid back feel even though the pace has lifted somewhat from the previous album. The Jazz thing is still there with some nice playing on the title track. "In a Space" is a cool number with great guitar and more sax. A strong album throughout, though I believe my version has two tracks missing from the Cd release. The last track "Its Alright With Me" is a real choice rocker and  the song that really caught my attention last night and deserves to be on A Roddus sampler. Overall an outstanding album and so different from it's  predecessor, which just show the talent of  this band. My rating 4.5/5
Listen Here

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