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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Whiskeytown - Pueumonia (USA 2001)

Roddus Album Of The Day

The other of my essential favorites of the younger generation of  musicians along with Jack White is the also prolific and idiosyncratic Ryan Adams. Whiskeytown , fronted by Adams, was an alt country band along the lines and properly influenced by Uncle Tupelo. They released 3 Lps before they folded, this being their third, which wasn't released untill well after they had split and Adams had released his debut solo effort.
 Adams is a class A song writer and this albums consists of  a score of  excellent melodic laidback alt country pop tunes that grow in stature after repeated listens and have become classics for me over the years, along with much of Adams other releases and I suspect that if this album had been released earlier and they had stayed together, the commercialbility of this music may have payed off handsomely for them.That said, for me this is the weakest Whiskeytown Album and clocking in at 57 minutes is a tad long and the songs in the second half don't have quite the same appeal for me. Another album where the songs tend to blur into each other later in the piece and make it harder to retain my attention,although they do stand up well on their own. still overall, worth a respectable 4/5 on the Roddusometer.

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