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Friday, June 25, 2010

Pickin' On Pink Floyd(A Bluegrass Tribute) - Various Artists (USA 2001)

Roddus Album Of The Day

01. David West - See Emily Play (3:43)
02. Dennis Cannonball Caplinger - Money (6:11)
03. David West - Astonomy Domine (5:14)
04. Lorenzo Martinez  - Julia's Dream (3:59)
05. Tom Ball - Another Brick In The Wall (4:03)
06. David West - Run Like Hell (4:16)
07. Bill Flores - Wish You Were Here (3:33)
08. Lorenzo Martinez - Breathe In The Air (4:02)
09. David West - Lucifer Sam (3:25)
10. Byron Berline - Comfortably Numb (5:45)
11. Tom Ball - Time (4:28)
12. David West - Goodbye Blue Sky (3:06)

Been a busy day on the Ipod today, as well as a busy day working. Had three albums on the go today, this one being the original random selection for the day and the other two cos I heard bits of them last night and they needed to be listened too today.
 After the laughter dies down on the first listen to "Pickin' On Pink Floyd" you get to realise these guys are serious. I do like Bluegrass and the potential for this to be awesome is high. Although the playing is excellent and the guys get to stretch out with some imporv within the context of the songs, it gets a bit tedious after a while and not all the material works that well for me, especially the tracks off "The Wall", which along with "Dark Side..." predominates here. It does make for very good background music and would be far superior, played in malls than the dribble they usually feed us.It also stands up better to closer inspection to appreciate the quality of the playing here. My Rating 3/5
Listen to this here

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