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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mississippi John Hurt - Avalon Blues The Complete 1928 OKeh Recordings

Roddus Album Of The Day

Another release from the excellent "Roots & Blues Series, Mississippi John Hurt's music from these exceptional sounding 1928 recordings sound more like folk with blues roots. If you listen carefully to his pickin' you will hear the blues but to me the overall feeling is folkish.  These old recordings, when listened to in this format get a bit tedious. When this music was originally released, it was as 10 inch 78rpm discs with one song per side and most properly recorded in those pairs as well, so they wern't listened to as a whole collection of songs as they are on a Cd release such as this and this is always a consideration to take into account when listening to a set like this.Having said that Johns music really does fail to move me and although his pickin' is very good and the singing is clear and he is clearly talented, I really can only rate it 2/5 on the Roddusometer.
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