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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oval - 94 Diskont (Germany 1996)

Another Roddus Album Of The Day

01 Do while
02 Store check
03 Line extension
04 Cross selling
05 Commerce server
06 Shop in Store
07 Do while 2

While it is a freezing cold winters Sunday here, with snow falling and settling on the lawn, I get to sit in my favorite chair(pictured above) and explore new musical sounds and keep toastie warm by the wood burner. During my online travels this morning I decided to Check out's Album of the Day , especially as it was given a five star rating by the reviewer. Now I like plenty of electronic type music and don't mind experimental sounds mixed into some sort of cohesive whole, but this rubbish, called "Glitch" is a bit like what that word describes and mostly sounds like a Cd scratched and sticking. Not very relaxing, very little in the way of conventional song structure or melody ,jarring, irritating, repetitive and overall just plain BORING.
Now of course fans of this music(if you can call it that) would say that I don't understand the music and what the composer is trying to achieve. Frankly, I couldn't give a toss, about the only thing this stuff is good for is to get rid of the last of the party guests who don't know when its time to move on. I can't believe this got 5 stars, I'll give it 1/5 for effort. I don't usually like to be so harsh on any music as all music has some merit and this obviously appeals to some people , but, lets say. I won't be putting this om my Xmas wish list.

If you dare, listen to it Here

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