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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Buddy & Julie Miller - Love Snuck Up (USA 2004)

An Uncle Roddus Album review

01. You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast
02. Wallflower
03. Little Darlin'
04. You're Running Wild
05. Dirty Water
06. Draggin' the River
07. Keep Your Distance
08. In Mermory of My Heart
09. Love Snuck Up
10. Out in the Rain
11. Forever Has Come to an End
12. Quecreek
13. Take Me Back
14. It's Been a Change

I had several tracks from this husband and wife duo that I had collected over the years from several Uncut CDs and had grown to enjoy their take on country music very much. While in Penny Lane Records last weekend I was just looking to see if any more Uncut CDs had come in that I didn't have, but there weren't. I thought I would check to see if they had any Buddy Miller, not expecting any and when I asked Gary if they had any Buddy Miller, he knew exactly who I was talking about and led me directly  to this CD.
 These two compliment each other so well when they sing and I love that Male/Female vocal combination  in country music, especially when they sing with a real southern drawl like these two. Country Rock at its best with this compilation of material they had recorded from 1995 to 2002 and including the fabulous cover of Dylan's "Wallflower" which is one of the tracks that turned me on to them. Everything I have heard from Buddy Miller so far is just pure class and I really dig these tunes and rate this collection 4/5.

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