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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peter Gabriel - So (UK 1986)

An Uncle Roddus Album review

Uncle Roddus had to make a trip into the city on Saturday to do some work related errands and other tasks and while there had the opportunity to pop into Penny Lane Records(the purchases of which I will review soon) and while picking up some supplies at the supermarket, spied the latest Uncut Magazine on the magazine rack, and it mysteriously found its way into my shopping basket(all purchases justified by the fact that due to the foul weather forecast in the mountains this Sunday, my tramping trip had been cancelled, therefore giving me some spare monies to use for other important procurements)

While relaxing today and reading through this fist issue of Uncut that I have purchased in three years, being inspired again to buy this by listening to the large back catalogue of free CDs I have from my subscription days, I started to listen to some of the albums that I have either on CD or on my hard drive that were referenced in this issue. So I made a list of albums I have related to the articles that I read and have decided that I will focus on listening to and  reviewing
that list over the next month or so. For instance this album  from Peter Gabriel was mentioned in an article about albums produced by Daniel Lanois, some more of which I have and will review soon.
So again Uncut has a big influence on what I listen to. 

Peter Gabriel comes critically recommended from my earlier Uncut reading days and I have had this album on my hard drive for quite a while and had never actually listened to it. Two hits  from this LP received considerable air play back in the day, being "Sledgehammer" and "Big Time", both being quality tracks that kinda stood out from much of the other radio dross at the time, but both of which never  really appealed to me. The same goes for the rest of this album. Although I appreciate the rest of the material on this album more than the two tracks mentioned above, with their well constructed pop/world music funky direction, I just find this not to my liking. It is well constructed and interesting music and deserves the praise it  received, but is just not my cup of tea. A Roddus rating of 2.5/5.

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