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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

VA - Wanna Buy A Bridge (USA 1980)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

OK its rant and rave time about this ultra rare collection of UK post punk of which I was inspired to dig out of my hard drive by listening to the previous collection I reviewed. I am quite familiar with this collection, having found a vinyl copy of this many many moons ago and it becoming one of my favourite records for a time. This particular collection was only released in the USA as an introduction to Rough Trade Artists from the UK, so I'm not sure how a copy ended up here. A lot of  this stuff I was hearing on Radio U(our local student radio station) at the time and it wasn't that easy to buy it locally.
 Every song is a brilliant piece of punk, post punk or post post punk with some dub/reggae thrown in for good measure. Nothing commercial here but many  of these groups are now legendary in independent music circles. Many of the Women groups on this set stand out with awesome weirdness from the likes of Delta 5, The Slits, Kleenex, The  Raincoats and the brilliant Young Marble Giants. quite possibly one of the best compilations ever. 5+/5 
I had missed this record and was delighted to find a digital copy some time ago, but it has gone now and was never released On CD 

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