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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nevermind: Glitterhouse Is 20 - Various Artists (Germany 2004)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

A small diversion from the Uncut Magazine recommended artists I have been reviewing but right up the same alleyway is this record label birthday sampler from the German Glitterhouse label. Focusing mostly on Americana/Alt-Country, this 3 CD set, which now appears to be getting difficult to find, was purchased for some ridiculously cheap sum from some bargain bin I can't remember where now, but apart from being gob-smacked by the totally brilliant Mofro track "Lochloosa" and rushing off to buy the album it came off, I hadn't really connected with most of the other music on this set and so it had sat on the rack collecting dust for some time. 
 Having listened again to this mammoth set in the car and on the home stereo a few times over the last couple of weeks, I am starting to appreciate more the quality of music released by this label. Music that grown in stature over repeated listens as it becomes more familiar, even if I don't connect with it straight away, almost always ends up being some of my favourite music, and this sampler is slowly growing on me in this way. Not all strictly Alt-country also make for some variety of listening pleasure. Haven't heard anything on here that I distinctly dislike, but I do keep discovering excellent tracks that I have missed on previous listens. Many more listens are needed to remember the names of which songs stand out for me, but there are two or three anthemic monsters that have really piqued my attention, as well as other stand outs like the familiar "Soft Hand" by The Willard Grant Conspiracy, "Tarmac" By Hazeldean and of course the aforementioned "Lochloosa" A lovely folksy bluesy lament to urban development. A great set and worthy of a Roddus rating of4/5.

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