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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Calexico - Feast Of Wire (USA 2003)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

Another of the Uncut Compilation artists with this highly recommended release which was well trumpeted about in the aforementioned magazine when it was released. Another one I have had for some time and not really given much attention to. I am quite familiar with the folksy "Not even Stevie Nicks..." which was on another of my Uncut CDs and is a great song. Although cited as Alt-Country/Americana, this set is far more experimental than those styles suggest, especially the instrumental tracks that dissect the album. The more pop orientated songs certainly do offer some nice country touches with the guitar sounds and there are some good string and brass arrangements to flesh the tracks out and make them more interesting. Well crafted music with a wide variety of influences subtly incorporated giving plenty to explore on repeated listens and this is an album that will reward and grow in stature with additional attention, as all good albums should. Not as immediately arresting as the album in my previous review but far more diverse. Rating 3.5/5

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