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Monday, May 27, 2013

John Zorn - Spy Vs. Spy - The Music Of Ornette Coleman (USA 1989)

The John Zorn Discography No.15

1. WRU (2:40)
2. Chronology (1:04)
3. Word for Bird (1:14)
4. Good Old Days (2:46)
5. The Disguise (1:18)
6. Enfant (2:36)
7. Rejoicing (1:39)
8. Blues Connotation (1:06)
9. C&D (3:07)
10.Chippie (1:09)
11.Peace Warriors (1:22)
12.Ecars (2:29)
13.Feet Music (4:47)
14.Broadway Blues (3:45)
15.Space Church (2:29)
16.Zig Zag (2:56)
17.Mob Job (4:26)

Continuing on with the Uncle Roddus Zornfest in between new CDs arriving weekly I back track to what I believe is the first John Zorn CD I acquired quite some time ago. Not sure how I got onto it now, but I have vague memories of reading a review somewhere, quite probably in the NME. I could have possibly purchased the two PainKiller CDs  first, again being intrigued by a description probably in the NME.
Anyhow these were the recordings that introduced me into the wonderful and frightening world of  JZ. This earlier music of JZ kinda hits the other extreme from the mellow laidback modern jazz that I have been enjoying so much from his recent releases. We're talking a kind of speed jazz here. 17 covers of Ornette Coleman tunes played in a sort of hardcore punk sort of style but still recognisable as Jazz. Pretty wild horn blowing throughout this set with Zorn in one channel and  Tim Berne in the other. Music to be played loud, I have always had some attraction to this CD, although I haven't given it any air time for quite a while. I enjoy the sax melodies overlaying the wild drumming and the sound produces is big and kinda bombastic. "Good old Days" is my favourite track and the second part of the disc slows things down somewhat with longer tracks and slower tempos. A somewhat chaotic sounding record(not unusual for JZ, especially back then) which is hard to stay with all the way through as it all kinda blurs together, although more concentrated attention does separate out the tunes a bit more,although it is not so easy to give this noise more concentrated attention. Not something I play with Mrs. Roddus in earshot or for casual relaxed listening. I enjoyed this enough to want to explore more of John Zorn's music and was the start of a slowly growing appreciation of the mans music.Rating 3.5/5

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