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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Sonny Clark Memorial Quartet - Voodoo (USA 1986)

The John Zorn Discography No.10

I had been waiting for this to arrive in the post so I could continue on with my coverage of John Zorn's discography. The first thing of note is that I was actually able to pick up a copy as some of these very early Zorn releases are not always easy to come by and I am very pleased to have it on CD. Although possibly not strictly a Zorn release, as it is a group and I am not sure if Zorn was in charge of this project or not but I have been aware of its existence as it is mentioned in several Zorn Discographies and I feel it is an important album in his cannon. This recording kinda marks a shift in John's recorded output after the mostly unlistenable early game pieces and the Strategy albums being not much more accessible. With this release John moved into his tribute stage of releases with this set being a set of Bop tunes by Sonny Clark, of whom I was not aware. Although I had a fair Idea what sort of music was on this album, the quality of this set is far superior than I expected and it is so good to hear John Zorn finally showing us he can play that Sax and not just make it squawk and squeal. This is a fantastic Jazz album, played straight and I just loved it from the first listen. Rating 5/5.  

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