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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Johnny Cash - Unearthed (USA 2003)

Off The Shelf

Ten years this year since the passing of this great man and this Box set was released not long afterwards. For a collection this large of recordings that didn't make it onto the original American Recordings releases, there sure is a lot of excellent material here. I just loved the American Recording series and just had to have this when it came out. A five disc set with the first 3 discs covering the additional recording made during the recording of the first 4 American Recording volumes and the fourth disc a set of old Hymns Johnny recorded from his mothers hymn book. Although not as strong as the original volumes, neither-the-less there is plenty of great songs here as Johnny covers many of the American song book and more. Some great Duets, especially my favourite, the cover of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" with the also late Joe Strummer. Also with Nick Cave being another stand out. Johnny Cash has the most amazing voice and I just love it, these recordings are of excellent sound quality.Probably not so much  for the casual listener, they should stick to the original volumes, but still plenty here for the completists and other fans. The only down side if the 5th disc being a compilation from the previous volumes, which, no doubt if your buying this, you already have. Rating 4/5.

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