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Sunday, May 12, 2013

John Zorn's Book Of Angles Volume Four(Masada Book two) - Orobas - Koby Israelite (USA 2006)

Masada Book Two.

And now for something considerably different. Volume four is a far more rock orientated affair, consider progressive rock a-la king Crimson blended with world music and a little jazz and you get a kinda description of this music. It is similar in style to Volume 19 which I reviewed recently and is also similar to the Electric Masada project that Zorn released from the first Masada songbook. It is an interesting release and rocks quite heavily in places and I find the tracks stand up well on their own but like volume 19 I find it difficult to stay with this set throughout its entirety. It is quite good though and there are some unusual instruments given a good playing by Koby. Overall I rate it 3/5.

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