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Friday, May 3, 2013

Sun Ra - We Travel The Spaceways (USA Saturn HK 5445 mid 60s)

Sun Ra Album Of The Week.

1. Interplanetary Music (2:43)
2. Eve (3:11)
3. We Travel The Space Ways (3:25)
4. Tapestry From An Asteroid (2:11)
5. Space Loneliness (4:51)
6. New Horizons (3:04)
7. Velvet (4:34)
8. The Blue Set (4:40)

This lot was cobbled together from recordings from 1960-61 and a couple of others from the late 50s. The 50s recordings are more straight Jazz but the later recordings, although jazz based, are for more esoteric. The music here is somewhat weirder than it has been and takes a bit of readjustment from the earlier stuff I have already been listening too. This album I find interesting but not arresting, but still likeable although the sound quality is somewhat less here. Rating 3.5/5.

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