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Friday, May 31, 2013

CYNICAL HYSTERIE HOUR: John Zorn - Filmworks VII (USA 1989)

The John Zorn Discography No.16

Here we enter the world of John Zorn's Film Music of which there are now 25 volumes. This set wasn't the earliest stuff he recorded but it was the first to be released. This is the re-release of the original Cynical Hysterie Hour that was only available in Japan. The musoc is written for some Japanese cartoons and consists of 23 short sonic blasts and sound bites, some lasting only 15 seconds. Many genres of music are covered from surf music to hardcore, avant-garde, jazz and library music just to touch on a few. There are bits that hark back to "The Big Gundown" album and others that prepare us for the up coming Naked City releases. A good album to approach through the headphones where we can pick up on many quite wonderful and catchy musical snippets, unfortunately the briefness of many of the better one leave you wanting for more extended pieces to develop the music further. Rating 3/5. 

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