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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sun Ra - Horizon (USA 1971)

The Sun Ra Discography.

This is one of the discs from the Art Yard Box Set that arrived recently and I thought I would touch on it while I wait for the next earlier CD to arrive from Ra's discography. A live recording from Ra's first visit to Egypt, recorded in 71' and the original release was possibly around 74'. A bit on the lo-fi side but certainly listenable enough, although the music is certainly challenging, with the 16 minute piece "The Shadow world" showcasing the chaotic sounding so called "Free Jazz" style of this period of Ra. Classic Ra, takes a bit to get use to and concentration to appreciate its finer moments. "Love in Outer Space" is a highlight with its impressively funky rhythm. Ra's playing on electronic keyboards can get pretty industrial sometimes and I feel prefigures Throbbing Gristle by several years and there are some interesting things happening here, Industrial Jazz seems to be Ra's contribution to out there music, like John Zorn's Jazz Thrash of Painkiller and the Moog solo "Horizon" is a perfect example, although more electronic industrial than Jazz. . I am really enjoying this set on closer inspection and will rate the album 3.5/5. 

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