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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sun Ra - Fate In A Pleasant Mood (USA 1965) and When Sun Comes Out (USA 1963)

Latest Sun Ra Arrival.

As we leave the 50's recordings of Sun Ra and enter the 60's with the 7 tracks from the excellently named "Fate In A Pleasant Mood", recorded with a smaller set of musicians in Chicago in 1960 and 61.
Still mostly recognisable as jazz music and mostly more conventional sounding, this is a nice set of Ra tunes of mostly a slower tempo with some cool sax melodies which are growing on me as I get more familiar with them. "When Sun Comes Out" recorded a couple of years later starts off a little weirder than "Fate...." and has taken a little more time for me to get into it but I am enjoying it more now and the later part of the album is a little more conventional sounding."Kingdom of Thunder" is my personal favourite from "Fate..." and is the most unconventional and Ra like track on this set. A real bonus on this set is the previously unreleased "Dimensions in Time" which could quite easily make it onto a best of Sun Ra set, the sax blowing is beautiful. 
Overall Rating for this CD release 4/5.

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