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Thursday, May 30, 2013

John Zorn - Nosferatu (USA 2012)

Latest Zorn Arrival

Back attacking the John Zorn Discography from the other end for this recent CD arrival with another of his many releases from last year. An added bonus for this music, which was composed to accompany a stage production, is having John himself play on this set. I have especially enjoyed his wonderful sax on one of the slower tracks and he plays several instruments on this album. This is a contrasting mix of almost industrial jazz pieces mixed in with more mellow, melodic and atmospheric pieces. I am enjoying the contrasts and on several occasions have been really captured buy the wonderful music emanating from my stereo and with Bill Laswell on board, there are a couple of real groovy dub numbers. Rating 4/5. 


Le Zornographe said...

You called it Nosforatu instead of Nosferatu.
By the way, nice work you are doing here. Most of it is posted on the Zornographe Facebook page.

Roddus said...

Thanks for the publicity.

Whoops Thanks for spotting the typo.