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Friday, May 17, 2013

Jeff Buckley - Grace (USA 1994)

Off The Shelf.

The cover star of this months Uncut Magazine, with a gushing article about this late lamented Singer-Songwriter. So I was inspired to dust this off and give it a listen again. Jeff has always come in for some very high praise for his limited output and although I do really like this record, some of that praise seems a bit overboard. I actually brought this on the strength of his cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" Quite probably one of the most fantastic cover versions ever done, next to Devo's version of "Satisfaction", I'd rate"Hallelujah" in my top 10. Anyhow, this is a folksy tinged pop/rock record par excellent and takes some listens for its contents to reveal them selves fully. Several songs impress me plenty but some more quieter ones like "Corpus Christi Carol", I struggle with, especially his very high pitched singing. But plenty here to enjoy and it is a grower. Rating 4/5.

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