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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Automatic Fine Tuning - A.T.F (Uk? 1976)

Rare MP3 Album Of The Week.

Chuntao, over at Rare MP3, always maintained that this was one of her best posts earlier on in the life of her blog, but initially I wasn't all that impressed with this instrumental Progressive rock. Revisiting this now on first listens I had a change of heart and was impressed buy the quality of the guitar noodlings and the overall construction of the tracks, I even went as far to looking into seeing if I could actually purchase a copy(I can) although after more time in my current Itunes playlist I have to admit that although this is a quality set and I have been enjoying it, I do find it wears a bit thin and I loose interest a bit with the extended tracks that clock in at about 15 minutes. So a fine album, good guitar but I don't think it will end up in my CD collection.Rating 3/5.

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