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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Robert Johnson - The Complete Recordings (USA late 1930's/1990)

A recent CD arrival.

There are many many compilations of Roberts music, but he only recorded a handful of songs If you take out the alternate takes of 12 songs, that leaves only 29 songs ever recorded. As they are all here as well as the alternative takes of all but one song, and with this being one of the best of those collections, especially in the sound quality department, then this is probably the best and only Robert Johnson record you'll ever need.
Recorded in 1936/37, these songs have become almost legendary in the past 70 odd years with them having a huge effect on the classic rock we listen to today. One of the last of the country Delta bluesmen, Roberts songs and especially his guitar picking is wonderful and with the late recording dates, the sound quality is much easier to relate to for modern ears than the earlier Bluesmen's recordings. Not one of my most favourite of the Delta Bluesmen but essential all the same and about time I had this set in my collection again.
Rating 4.5/5.

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