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Sunday, May 12, 2013

John Zorn's Book Of Angles Volume One(Masada Book Two) - Astaroth - Jamie Saft Trio (USA 2005)

Masada Book Two

With Volume 20 in this series about to hit the stores later this month I thought it about time I reviewed the rest of the volumes as this is the music of John Zorn that impresses me the most. With 300 compositions making up the second Masada book, each release is a selection of these songs played by different sets of musicians in different styles, so overall it makes for an eclectic series. The series was well under way before I picked up on their existence but once I discovered them they all quickly became part of my Zorn collection.   
  The series kicks off in excellent style with this Trio recording led by pianist Jamie Saft, He of the prodigious beard. A fabulous contemporary jazz record with some outstanding playing by Shaft and a mix of more melodic numbers mixed with some ferocious Avant-garde numbers where Jamie really lets rip, A-La Sun Ra. The Klezmer is a little more subdued on this set but still evident, especially on the quieter numbers. So A great start to this series which I am enjoying so much more now I am more familiar with the material. Rating 4.5/5.       


Mark Allender said...

Just for the record, that's "Jamie SAFT" not Jamie "SHAFT." Just sayin'.

Roddus said...

Thanks. I never noticed that. Funny how our brains change things if they seen a little unusal