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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Relative Band - 85' (Australia/USA 1985)

Mutant Sounds Album Of The Week.

1. Soft & Fragile (4:39)
2. Billy Jean Stings (0:41)
3. You'll Never Walk Again (5:04)
4. Hand's Up (Psycho Drama Pt. 2) (1:53)
5. Oh-O-Oh (2:52)
6. Gone With The Wind (3:20)
7. Tel Aviv Bats (5:09)
8. Cool School (4:30)
9. Come On Jon (Psycho Drama Pt. 2) (3:32)
10. Is It Catching (4:59)
11. Moore Strings (0:38)
12. Conversations With Jollian McGrose (3:11)
13. Lumps (3:23)
14. No Way The Last Word - Medley (4:28)

More avant-garde weirdness, lots of female screaming, random sounding noises and no melodies or tunes to speak off, just some live recordings of a cacophony of noise, fits in quite well with the early John Zorn stuff I have been exploring. Just not the sort of stuff that I find interesting, especially over a whole album. I can only suffer this stuff in small doses when incorporated into a song or album that has some other actually listenable music. Nuff said, time to move onto something I enjoy. Rating 1/5.

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