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Friday, April 19, 2013

3rd Avenue Blues Band - Fantastic (USA 1970)

Rare Mp3 Album Of The Week

Rose Garden
It’s Got To Be Love
I Know About Love
Put A Little Love In Your Heart
Hawk’s Blues
Don’t Make Me Laugh
Come And Get It
It’s Your Thing
If You Don’t Want Me
Bad Moon Rising
Mean Greens

This starts off a little slow with some average covers, certainly played well, indicating the quality of this groups playing. The covers are instantly recognisable, "Rose Garden" not one I care for a lot. The next track is much better with a second vocalist who has a familiar sounding voice and the music is firmly in the Blood, Sweat & Tears school of Pop-Rock and also sounds like something The Blues Brothers would do. After another couple of well executed but not outstanding covers things take a decisive turn for the better with a great "Super Session" Blues number in "Hawks' Blues, followed by a classic Blood, Sweat & Tears sounding  funky number in "Don't Make Me Laugh" Things stay brilliantly Blusy, Jazzy and funky on "Come and get it and I'm not sure of any of the last three tracks are originals or covers, but they are impressive to say the least. "It's Your Thing" keeps up the relentless tempo of great music before they slow things down again with what I believe is another cover. "Bad Moon Rising" is the best cover here as the actually do something slightly different from the original and pull it off well. The album finishes on a high with a great jazzy instrumental that is most impressive and the Sax is great. Overall a pretty good listen with the music getting much better on the later part of the album when things get more uptempo and funky. Rating 4/5.

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