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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Throbbing Gristle - Greatest Hits (UK 1980)

Uncle Roddus CD of The Week

Pulled this one off the shelf for review this week and boy I'm glad I did. Haven't enjoyed one of my older CDs this much for some time. Plenty of classics on this compilation set of definitely not greatest hits but definitely some of their best music. Somewhat more sedate than their live sets, this collection shows that they actually did have some pop hooks hidden away in the sludge as well as some quite beautiful moments for those who really listen. A kind of  mixed bag with the style of music here with the normal industrial soundscapes mixed in with some quite poppy 80s electro which are superbly recorded or remixed on this CD. Industrial walls of sound like the amazing "Hamberger lady" still sound astonishing to me after all these years and completely justify my exploration of TG's music. This has really stood the test of time and I'm gonna stop dribbling on about it now, rate it 5+/5, stick on the head phones and crank it up. 

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