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Friday, April 5, 2013

John Zorn - Lemma (USA 2013)

John Zorn Album Of The Week

John's latest release arrived recently with them coming thick and fast as they did last year. It astounds me as to the amount of work this guy gets through. A Classical set of compositions for solo violin and two violins. Like Zorn's Sax playing these pieces allow the players to tax their instruments to the very limits if producing coherent sounds and quite a few not so coherent noises. It makes one wonder how they got these violins to make some of the sounds they produce. As with John's classical works this is not an easy listen in places and is routed firmly in the Avant-garde. Still, it is an interesting listen to focus on the outstanding playing of the musicians involved. Don't expect much in the way of melodic tunes from this lot but I don't mind it and will rate it 3/5.

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