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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Frank Lowe Orchestra - Lowe and Behold (USA 1977)

The John Zorn Discography No.1

With all the John Zorn I have been purchasing and reviewing lately I have been using a fabulously detailed discography(Here) to help with the earlier recordings of the man in question. The very first entry in that discography is this obscure album which was the first publically available recording with John Zorn on it. It isn't his earliest recordings, those were self recorded efforts from the early 70s and were not released until the 90s. So I thought, while I have been buying my way backwards through Zorn's discography and also his latest releases,  I might also start at the other end of his career as well, like I have been doing with Sun Ra, and meet somewhere in the middle. I chose to start with this album as it is the very first one in the very large John Zorn Discography even though it wasn't under his name or contains any of his own compositions  that would be the next release. After this I won't be focussing on any of the albums He only played on, instead just the ones that were released under his own name or contain his own compositions. Although there are several corroborations that are worthy of attention in the Zorn catalogue.
  This music actually sits pretty well in the Zorn cannon, a live recording of free jazz/improv that is ok but not really essential listening although I am enjoying it more than I thought I would. Not too bad an effort for this kind of music.Rating 2.5/5 

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