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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GANRYU ISLAND - Michihiro Sato and John Zorn (USA 1984)

The John Zorn Discography no.8

1/ Ryu Kyu Heishi (Warrior from Ryu Kyu)6:09
2/ Haguregumo (The Wanderer)14:10
3/ Two Ronin 3:49
4/ Kagemusha 10:39
5/ Odori Dayu (Evening Dance of a Courtesan)5:16
6/ Ganryu Island 11:09
7/ Yoshiwara Kaidan (Ghosts of the Geisha District)3:30
8/ Natsu Matsuri
9/ Giri
10/ Yonaka No Hatashiai
11/ Uma No Koku
12/ Tsugaru Bushido

Recorded in New York City on November 23, 1984

Michihiro Sato: shamisen; John Zorn: reeds.

This time we actually have something approximating music on this collaboration with  Michihiro Sato, who plays a Japanese string instrument called a shamisen ,which is a familiar sound as it certainly evokes visions of the orient. But really what we have here is Zorn doing his usual weirdness on his sax similar to the previous "... Staratgy" album with Sato playing along behind him. Again slightly interesting for a few minutes but wears thin quite quickly. Another album I am glad to have been able to hear before I brought a copy. Still Progress is being made towards some great music in the not to distant future. Rating 1.5/5.

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