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Friday, April 12, 2013

Eugene Chadbourne and John Zorn - School (USA 1978)

The John Zorn Discography no.2

This is John Zorn's first credited release in collaboration with Eugene Chadbourne and was released on Eugene's Parachute Label. Zorn Co-wrote one track with Eugene on the first disc and the second disc is taken up with 3 takes of his Lacrosse game piece. This release is quite interesting listening of early Zorn and noticing how much influence Eugene had on John. The Chadbourne tracks are all very avant-garde noise works with little in the way of melody and are challenging listening. Zorn's Game pieces sound similar to what  is on the first disc, which makes for sonic continuity of the whole set, although John's pieces have much more space and more sounds effects.  There are some interesting sounds happening here but this is not easy listening.The liner notes are an interesting read on early Zorn also so I have posted them here of your reading pleasure. Rating 2/5.

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