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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

VA - Wavelength Infinity: A Sun Ra Tribute (USA 1995)

New CD Of The Week

I was very surprised to find this compilation still available to purchase. I first came across it in the public library not long after I first discovered Sun Ra and I was suitably impressed with what I heard. Back in those days I didn't have a computer or know about buying CDs online and this wasn't something that was likely to be readily available in our local music emporiums. After coming across it on Amazon recently it quickly found its way into my shopping basket and duly arrived in my mailbox last week. It is as good as I remember with a selection of Ra's compositions from throughout his career, covered by a mostly obscure bunch of artists and reminds me of a similar thing John Zorn did with The "Voices in the Wilderness" CD. Any way there is a great mix of jazz based music here with some fairly straight played renditions to some pretty wild stuff as well. Too many good bits to mention now although the spoken poems don't do much for me but there isn't anything here that I don't like so I'm glad I was able to obtain this and apparently the proceeds of this CD go to what is left of the Arkestra, so that is good. Rating 4/5. Defiantly recommended. 

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