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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sun Ra - Sound Sun Pleasure!! (USA Saturn SR 512 (1970))

Sun Ra Album Of The Week.

Side A:

'Round Midnight (Hanighen-Monk-Williams)
You Never Told Me That You Care (Hobart Dotson)
Hour of Parting (Schiffer-Spoliansky)

Side B:

Back In Your Own Backyard (Jolson-Rose-Dreyer)
Enlightenment (taken from Jazz in Silhouette) (Ra)
I Could Have Danced All Night (Lerner-Loewe)

I had the draft for this review sitting round for a while waiting for the actual CD issue to arrive from Amazon. I actually already had it on CD combined with another album on a single disc, but I decided to purchase this stand alone copy due to it having extra tracks taken from the out of print Deep Purple album, which had some very early Ra recordings.
This set originally released in 1970 consists of tracks originally recorded about 1958. The tempo on these recording is much slower and there are more vocals here. So a fairly laid back affair and although I prefer my jazz usually more up-tempo, this is a well played and enjoyable set and will appeal to fans of more conventional jazz. I like it and rate this set 3/5.

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