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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sun Ra - Visits Planet Earth (USA Saturn LP 9956-11-A/B (1966)) & Interstellar Low Ways (USA Saturn SR 9956-2-M/N (mid 60s))

Sun Ra Album Of The Week.

Still working my way through the complex and massive Sun Ra discography with this latest CD to arrive from Amazon. Two albums on one CD originally released in the mid sixties with material recorded around 58' on "Visits Planet Earth" and possibly 1960 on "Interstellar Low Ways". I have reviewed this particular release before but wanted to update with the arrival of this CD.  Things get more confusing with the discography as almost all of the tracks on "Visits..." were released on "Sound Of Joy" a couple of years later, which I reviewed recently. So I was already quite familiar with the first half of this CD and all that did was make it even more enjoyable to revisit some of these great tunes that I am coming to know quite well now and they just keep getting better and better each time I hear them. The rest of the CD being the "Interstellar Low Ways" album is just stunning. The contrast between the two sets is interesting but not too pronounced to be off putting to the continuity of the Cd as a whole., but the melodies and playing on the second set have impressed greatly and "Space Aura" is one of the greatest pieces of Jazz I have ever heard. I have to re-evaluate my original rating and now give this 4.5/5.

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