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Monday, April 15, 2013

John Zorn - Archery (USA 1981)

The John Zorn Discography no.4

 1/ no title                                 (Zorn)                  20:48
 2/ no title                                 (Zorn)                  20:21
 3/ no title                                 (Zorn)                  24:00
 4/ no title                                 (Zorn)                  23:42

 Recorded at the OAO Studio in Brooklyn, New York on September 12 and 13,
Robert Dick: flutes, game calls; George Lewis: trombone; John Zorn: alto,
soprano, clarinets, game calls; Anthony G. Coleman: organ, electric piano;
Wayne B. Horvitz: Farfisa organ, harmonica, tape, electronics; Mark Kramer:
cheap organ, tapes, synthesizer; Eugene Chadbourne: guitars; Bill Horvitz:
guitar; Bill Laswell: bass; Polly Bradfield: violin; Tom Cora: cello; David
Moss: drums, voice, percussion; Mark Smith: prompter.

1982 - Parachute Records (USA), P017/18 (2xLP)
1997 - Tzadik (USA), TZ 7316 (7xCD)
2001 - Tzadik (USA), TZ 7316 (3xCD)
2001 - Tzadik (USA), TZ 7316-4 (3xCD)

See THE PARACHUTE YEARS 1977-1980 (1997) or ARCHERY (2001) for unreleased
takes from the Archery session.

Not a lot to say about this lot, more of the same as the previous Game pieces and more of the same unlistenable noise, although there are some interesting sounds being produced, it wears thin very quickly.Rating 1/5.

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