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Friday, April 12, 2013

Sun Ra - Sound Of Joy (USA Delmark DS-414 (1968))

Sun Ra Album Of The Week.

So I have moved away from trying to review these early Ra sets in chronological order by release dates due to the discographies listing by earliest recording dates. This set recently arrived from Amazon and was originally recorded as far back as 56'or 57' but not released until 68' on Delmark with this CD also being a Delmark release from 94'.
This early Ra music is growing and growing on me as I get more familiar with it and  although He recorded a considerable amount of music prior to 1960 I am really finding that I am digging all that I have listened to so far. This swinging set took a bit to register with me, it wasn't love at first sight like his first album but I am now enjoying the playing here immensely. Ra's Arkestra wasn't always the tightest unit around but I kinda like their loose feel and it suits Ra's unique style of jazz well. Another worthwhile addition to my Ra collection and gets a rating of 4/5.

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