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Friday, April 12, 2013

Tako - Tako (Japan 1983)

Mutant Sounds Album Of the Week.

Hmm, Not sure about this one, parts of it just don't grab me at all and so those that I had heard during the week inspired me to keep skipping listening to this and going for other albums in this weeks playlist. The set doesn't start off at all well with the opening track sounding like someone being sexually tortured. The album is a real schizophrenic affair and THIS description from Mutant Sounds describes it a lot better than I can.  Still , in amongst the screaming and caterwauling and other weird sounds there are occasional moments of shear brilliance. Actually in places this sounds like a weirder Japanese version of The Mekons early works and other English Post Punk indie bands from around the same period as this was released, thinking Delta 5 or maybe a touch of the Raincoats with more wild avant-garde sax. On closer inspection, there are more interesting moments than I first thought, although this isn't something I would choose to spend a lot of time with. Typically Japanese(If there is such a thing) and gets a rating of 2.5/5.

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