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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Derek Bailey, George Lewis and John Zorn - Yankees (USA 1983)

The John Zorn Discography no.6

 1/ City City City   8:22
 2/ The Legend Of Enos Slaughter  9:17
 3/ Who's On First 2:56
 4/ On Golden Pond  18:00
 5/ The Warning Track  5:28

 Recorded at OAO Studio, Brooklyn

Derek Bailey: guitars; George Lewis: trombone; John Zorn: alto, soprano,
clarinets, game calls.

John had no trouble finding like minded people to play the same type of weird music(and I use that term in its  most loosest sense)He seemed to prefer back in his early days. I have chosen to add this into my coverage of John's Discography as He had his name amongst the credits for this release and I was familiar with it from several discographies where it is mentioned, but from what I have read, John was a junior collaborator on this which is more of a vehicle for the more senior Bailey. In saying that though, the music presented here doesn't sound out of place amongst his previous game pieces, so more avant-garde improvised weirdness with very little in the way of melody or song structure and frankly bores the crap out of me. Looking forward to getting into some real music from John in the near future.Rating 1/5.

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